Road To Portland: Part 28: You Go First

“That’s the third blender this week!” Cop #1 was keeping a list of things the unhinged Janice hurled from his apartment.

“Broken window, shit flying out of it. That’s probable cause enough to knock on the door.” Said cop #2.

“And what? You saw what he did to the chick in the octagon last weekend?”

“There are two of us.”

“You go first.”

The men decided to wait.

Another crash.

A cat erupted from the window, sailed in a wide and almost graceful arc, and landed in a nearby tree. It appeared unhurt.

Cop #1 checked his records. The grey one, that’s Tyson.

They had been collecting data on Janice for some time. The alternative, arresting him (or her or it) was too scary.

If you think Tyson had it coming, feel free to click below.


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  1. Mark Matis says:

    Not only did Tyson have it coming, but Ali did as well.

    Fer Chrissakes, they’re CATS! They ALWAYS are doing something that should earn them free flying lessons…

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