Road To Portland: Part 29: Best Day Ever

Upstairs in his apartment Janice was writing in her journal:

09:45 Buy a new cat.

Ali the cat was perched out of reach on top of the refrigerator. He beamed with joy. He stretched and flexed his claws. Then he sauntered past a weeping Janice to the food bowls. He cleaned them both and licked his pawed. Tyson had not merely been drop kicked but had been hurled into a tree.

Best day ever!

If you’re relieved this part of the story is only 73 words instead of the usual 1,500 word slog, you might want to click below.


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  1. AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

    So long as I’m making fun of cats, here’s a frog that has outclassed Terry and Mary:

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