Lesbian Squirrels

Chapter One: Bear Encounter

(In which a skunk and bear mount a protest.)

A Vague Moment of Flailing About:

(In which I posit excuses for slacking off. Optional, not strictly part of the story.)

Chapter Two: Lesbian Squirrels

(In which the secret of Swedish disco is revealed.)

Chapter Three: Road To Portland

(When you have no savings and no life plans you must go to the place where you belong; Portland.)

In this installment, a formerly catatonic racist bear and two lesbian activist squirrels join forces with a libertarian pizza delivery man and his child genius friend to evade the long arm of NSA’s surveillance state. Will they make it to the land where the young go to retire? Will fractional reserve banking destroy Billy’s will to live? Why was Rodney “Wet pant” Slovosfeld thrown from a helicopter? What about Boo? Tune in to Chapter 3 – the Road To Portland which is already in progress.

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