Notable Sagas

The Strange Life Of Bowling Pin Chicken: To Freedom And Stupidity

Lord Skullcrusher Fluffington

Tractor Repair Goes Pear Shaped

In Case You’re Wondering, Tractor Of The Damned VII is the part where an alcoholic jackass set the damn thing on fire

Furnace Repair (And My Refusal To Do So)

Scoring Firewood On The Gray Market: Onion Sandwiches and Bridge Mats

Hawk Story

How To Nearly Destroy A Woodsplitter And Then Rebuild It To A Higher Level Of Awesome

Take A Ride On The Death Wobble Express

The Intersection Of Stupid, Construction, Time Travel, And The AMC Gremlin

6 Responses to Notable Sagas

  1. Michael Best says:

    what happened to the woodsplitter story?

  2. Where is the cat saga?

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      Lord Skullcrusher Fluffington? Since you asked I’ll assemble the links and add it. (In retrospect I should have used “tags” more pro-actively; but I was learning the WordPress ropes so to speak.)

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      Holy shit! Why didn’t I add the cat saga like 5 months ago

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