This Is How It’s Done

My local gas station periodically has a coffee can next to the cash register. It’s an informal community response to unfortunate (and invariably expensive) events. There will be a little description of what happened “Sam Smith had a car accident and needs help paying medical bills”. Folks reach past the beef jerky and lottery tickets to stuff money in the can. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s voluntary, charitable, and kind. It’s one of the few times “community” really means “community” and “charity” really means “charity”.

It’s a good thing and I’m glad it happens. (Not Sam Smith’s car accident; but the idea that folks will help Sam out of nothing more than kindness.)

A longtime reader’s local elementary school had a fire and he sent me these links. Apparently they’re gathering money to rebuild (or at least keep the kids supplied in the interim). Just like the coffee can it’s voluntary, charitable, and an opportunity for kindness. If you’re interested, the links are below. No pressure, just do what you feel.


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  1. Thanks! I hope this helps ’em a little bit. By the way, your stories just get more and more awesome. You DO know that you will have to do a book of em at some point.

  2. Bruce says:

    I like the coffee can a lot for local folks, we do it where I live. But I balk at charity to government institutions. Lottery money was fungible and they just backed out other money rather than supplementing. Our spending per pupil, with ample waste, is already among the highest in the world for less than sterling results, where there is one non-teacher for every teacher. And if they cared, the TEA and NEA might donate rather than pandering and sending it to Dem politicians. They get more than enough and waste way more then enough already.

    • The school’s funding was funneled to a larger school in the district. the lodges even gave money. This school is sucking hind tit. This is usually what happens to rural schools. the money is refunneled to urban or bigger schools and the kids at the rural ones have to suck it. Also, the teachers in our county are the lowest paid in the whole state, as for the fricking supervisors though….oh no! Six figure salaries for those jackals.

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