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Creepy-Cute Robots

IMAO summed it up when they linked this with “Can’t Decide Whether to Hug It and Squeeze It and Call It George, or Kill It With Fire“. As for me, every time I see one of these things I immediately … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

[Warning: This post is bitchy and has no point. Squirrels will ensue but not until I go through a recovery phase of Kleenex and medically necessary whiskey.] I came back from a trip and almost immediately got sick. Damn! Mrs. … Continue reading

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Squirrelage Shall Ensue

I received a few PayPal tips, Patreon support, and several comments about Boo. I’m inspired. Thanks. Next week will be filled with squirrels. And Edna. I like Edna’s character. Oh, that’s right, you don’t know who Edna is. Well, you’ll … Continue reading

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Data Visualization

At this link you will find one of the best animated data visualizations you’ll ever see. It’s a map of the world with timed animation representing immigration into the US from 1820 to 2013. It only takes a few seconds. Watch … Continue reading

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Road To Portland: Part 13.01: Video Link

That poor dog…

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Ask Dr. Science

[Avoiding politics is a lot harder than it sounds. I’m just sayin’.] My continuing half-assed and ineffective effort to avoid politics and procrasting while completing the Squirrel saga has painted me into a corner. I wish to write about something. Yet how … Continue reading

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Squirrelish Photoshoppery

A few extremely awesome readers support me via Patreon. The Patreon site was an experiment. Would it work? This morning, as the calendar struck a new month, the system did what it does. (If a clock can strike midnight why can’t a calendar “strike” a new … Continue reading

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The Robots Are Coming: Part 2

Many moons ago I first read the excellent Stainless Steel Rat series. Harry Harrison rocks. I highly recommend the books as young reader escapist “literature”; particularly for any SciFi leaning kid with a libertarian bent. Reading his books as a … Continue reading

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The Robots Are Coming! Part 1

In keeping with my temporary/permanent “eschew bitching about politics” initiative I’m going to point out a place of agreement between me (a deplorable, fire-breathing, small “l” libertarian, who clings to his guns and religion) and the most hippy-rific, socialist, dreadlocked, … Continue reading

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Road To Portland: Part 11: Becoming A Henchman

Doogie insisted on making a few purchases en route to what he was now calling “the rendezvous”. At an all-night convenience store Billy was instructed to lurk around the pumps looking suspicious. This was supposedly for the purpose of letting … Continue reading

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