Coffee Moment: Details

Kyle asked about our off grid (non-electric) coffee grinder. Here it is (image linked to Amazon):

Hand operated coffee grinder. When the grid goes down you’ll be able to rent this out!

I highly recommend it. You can unscrew the glass bowl and use it to store your freshly ground coffee. Brilliant. Plus it works well. I have the suspicion that many hand grinders are more for show than for use.

Also, it’s on sale right now!

On. Sale. Now!

I don’t know why. It just is. No need to thank me. I’m here to help.


P.S. I couldn’t find a link to the very relevant “coffee grinder stampede” from the movie City Slickers but those of you who watched it know what I’m talking about. Poor coffee grinder choices ruined Billy Crystal’s day. There are pros and cons screwing up Billy Crystal’s day but the grinder I recommend is better because it won’t cause a stampede.

My coffee grinder is battery operated and will therefore cause a shitload of chaos.

I couldn’t help including this clip that’s pointless and off topic.


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7 Responses to Coffee Moment: Details

  1. Joe says:

    Do you have a link we can use for amazon similar to what Clair has at her blog where all your readers amazon purchases can be credited to you?

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      If you click any Amazon link anywhere on my blog and buy anything I get a small percentage. (And you are officially my hero for the day!)

      It isn’t product specific. If I link to a coffee cup shaped like a flaming skull and someone follows it but decides to buy a fluffy pink teddy bear; it’s still valid and a few pennies flow to my “keep this silly blog going and occasionally buy whiskey” fund.

      The ad at the upper left margin works that way (I get a percentage if you buy something) but Amazon populates it with whatever their Borg technology thinks a viewer wants. (I’m often amused by the silly products Amazon’s algorithms think I’ll like.)

      The links at the bottom left go to stuff I like, desire, or endorse. I put them there for convenience, fun, and (ironically) to motivate myself. (I lust for the generator… the ad is there to motivate me to save for it. I think this means I’m advertising to myself to buy what I already want? The mind boggles!) Feel free to go through those links and buy whatever your heart desires.

      I always appreciate it when a reader buys anything through an Amazon link. Have at it!

  2. Kyle says:

    Awesome! Thank you 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    Tried using my “backpacker” hand grinder once. Took ten minutes for one cup’s worth of brew. If the power is out, I’m firing up the generator even if the noise attracts zombies. (Having said that, I’m going to click on the link just in case I want it.)

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      Backpacking is a time when pre-ground coffee is wise. The hand grinder we’ve got works well but it’s too heavy to carry around… save the weight allowance for ammo and whiskey.

      Thanks for clicking the link. I get a tiny kickback for anything you buy so feel free to buy something huge and expensive like a battleship or a steam engine.

      • Robert says:

        Yah, I quickly decided pre-ground next time.

        I thought shipping was gonna be free because it was a Fulfillment By Amazon item. Nope, shipping is $7! Drat. With my luck, the power won’t ever go out to justify the purchase. Maybe I’ll just pull the breaker and pretend. And not tell my pissy roommate who griped about me disturbing his sleep by calling the power company during the last multi-hour outage. No coffee for him!

        “something huge and expensive” Ha! A Marine of my acquaintance ordered a transistor. Supply called him wanting to know why he was ordering a fire engine. Hilarity ensued. Although, I’d love to have a steam engine mounted on the back of a DeLorian.

        P.S.: google spell-check sez “pre-ground” should be “pee-ground”. Technology at its finest.

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