Can You Imagine How Hard It Is

…to not comment about politics right now? Things have gotten so weird. It draws the mind. Like a trainwreck, involving a circus, in a cesspool, that catches fire, on Facebook.

It has gone from “unusual” to a self replicating stupid factory. Nutjobs in pussy hats smashing up a Starbucks are old news. Let me repeat that because it’s a key concept: they became “day to day humbdrum” generics asshats; no more memorable than the twit who’s shopping cart scratches your car at the grocery store.

In my old age will I sit in a rocking chair and reminisce about today? “Back in the teens, a dollar’s worth of fiat currency was worth a whole $0.04 of silver and the debt was a mere $20,494,084,701,227.67. Cell phones were tapped, the TSA fondled your nutsack at the airport, and your car could get convinced of a crime even if you weren’t in it. Pot was sorta’ legal and crossing the national border was kinda’ allowed but incandescent bulbs were completely banned. Folks who dressed like vaginas screamed at the sky because they wanted a more powerful government but only when their guy was in charge. Rednecks were either meth addicted deplorables or the last remaining taxpayers depending on who you asked. Ideas like having a parade or picking the proper shitter were topics of debate. How lucky we were! Pass grampy his soma filled bong will ya’?”

It’s hard to grok where the shenanigans will lead… but I have a guess… which I’m not going to write up today.

The current chapter is spies, misdirection, memos, and big wads of money. But that’s only the current chapter. There will be more. There’s always more. Periodically a key player “decides” to step down (to spend more time with their family of course). Instead of their well earned time in Federal “pound me in the ass prison” they parachute into a high paying “job” in the media; an industry which is hemorrhaging money and can’t figure out why. I suppose it’s better than unexpectedly convenient suicides or tanks on the streets.

Didn’t we all see this coming? Maybe not the depth and breadth but the general outline? Of course we did! That’s why we’re tending to our own garden and avoiding most of the inanity.

We cling to reality and resist mainlining press releases on CNN or planting Facebook flotsam in our skull. Reality is where it’s at! Love, knowledge, and wisdom belong in a world where 2+2 = 4 and the sky is blue. Not where 2+2= racism and the sky is a construct of socially borne ways of knowing.

It was obvious. At least to anyone who has read Greek Tragedy. They explained the whole thing 2,000 years ago. They totally nailed the second decade of the 21st century. First comes hubris with a chaser of nemesis. Arrogant dickheads do arrogant things. The pressure builds. Everyone in the audience yells “no, don’t do that stupid thing”. But they don’t listen, because they’re not merely arrogant but also dickheads. Without fail, the plot leads to the inevitable catastrophe. There was no other possible resolution. It was fated.

The first step on the path led to the last step; where the dudes in the masks sing a chorus while all the actors lay dead or maimed. Nothing is new. People who should know better inevitably invite their own demise. The rest of us can’t stop it. We can only bask in the ensuing catharsis and maybe grab a handful of schadenfreude before the next round of morons repeat the show. It’s just so irresistibly mad. It’s hard to walk down the street without doing this:

But I’m trying dammit. I’m trying hard.

  • The sky is blue.
  • Death by malaria is way down. (Thanks for pointing that out Coyote Blog!)
  • I found a funny picture of a chicken.

Whew… nothing political in any of that. Especially the funny picture. It intrigues me and I’ll post it as soon as I get time.

Stay frosty y’all.


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3 Responses to Can You Imagine How Hard It Is

  1. Thomas The Tinker says:

    ???? Sir ‘Mudgeon’: I wonder… is there a countdown clock of some sort… somewhere on line that comes within a few hours… days…. a month or so of when this tower of babel comes down? The alleged nightly news is a chorus of the SOS. Just my impressions of course…. It seems as if this pack of fools inside the DC belt way have created this huge pressure cooker full of wet sloppy ‘feces’ and the Media is stoking the fire under it… seriously … I have heard somebody screaming “INCOMING” in my head… Could you count that as a flashback…. or a gut warning????

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      I used to think the shit would hit the fan coherently. “Holy crap, the Visigoths just breached the city gate!” A countdown clock would’ve made sense then.

      Now I think that’s overly simplistic. Things fade into and out of existence ever so slowly. Shit and fans happen right before your eyes but we don’t see it. “We seem to be having trouble understanding how voting works?” Math is hard. “Purple haired unemployable graduate students are breaking windows?” Just another Tuesday. “NASA once put men on the moon and now can’t get one into orbit?” Meh. “The debt is $20,098,098,098,879.92?” I’m sure it’s nothing.

      Perhaps we’re sitting here looking at the fan and the shit that’s splattered everywhere and more shit’s coming yet we’re still wondering when “it” will happen? Good news is that slow and stupid is a lot less fatal than quick and externally forced. I miss the freedom to buy incandescent lightbulbs but haven’t been incinerated by a Russkie ICBM. Not a bad trade.

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