Squirrelish Photoshoppery

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The Patreon site was an experiment. Would it work? This morning, as the calendar struck a new month, the system did what it does. (If a clock can strike midnight why can’t a calendar “strike” a new month?)

Based on that happy moment I decided it needed a new header. I came up with this:

Warning: Patreon is slick but has limitations. It’s excellent for automagically sending a monthly “squirrel nudge”. Unfortunately, signing in to Patreon (which you only need to do once) is the privacy version of a wet willy. If that’s not your cup of tea I get it. There’s always Paypal and/or you can just ignore me.

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2 Responses to Squirrelish Photoshoppery

  1. An orange skinned uncle sam opening up a gremlin? You need a squirrel face pressed up against a window.

  2. Tennessee Budd says:

    Damn, and I always thought that in a Gremlin, the squirrels were under the hood.
    That’s for the “high-performance” (snerk!) Gremlin–it had two squirrels. Sorry, I just couldn’t hold it in, typing “high-performance” and “Gremlin” in the same sentence.

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