Two Weeks

Bad news. Apparently someone shot somebody in an airport; possibly with a formerly checked firearm. (It just happened so I’m sure the details will change.) It’s always a bummer when anyone gets shot (like in the peaceful city of Chicago) but this was at an airport and since Baptists from Tennessee did a bad thing at an airport we freak out about the place you park airplanes. The opportunity to go ape exists…

I’m calling it. 3. 2. 1…

The best gun salesman in the world has 14 days to run with this. He must do something!

Choose the form of the destructor (again). What’ll it be? More stringent background checks on firearms purchasers? Create a new police force that sucksRedefine a 30 year old law to mean something new? Ban one kind of ammo as different than another? Make a law nobody follows? Ban toy cars from old TV shows?

I’m betting on one of the following:

  • A knee jerk ban on checked unloaded firearms in locked cases in the cargo hold.
  • Regulating pistol grips to dimensions that must include a prime number on Wednesdays.

This is his last chance to turn 2017 into a year that sells more than 2016’s record of 27,538,673 firearms. If everyone calms down and acts rationally I’ll apologize for my cynicism.


P.S. Regardless of the politics, it’s always a tragedy when an innocent is harmed. There’s nothing funny about that.

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