Fuck You Money Versus Fuck This Money: Visual Aids

If you’re unclear about the concept of “fuck you money”, watch this movie (linked):

Dagwood Bumstead doesn’t have “fuck you money”:

In fact his boss is a bit of a dick:

But don’t feel too bad. Dagwood’s wife is sweet, devoted, and smoking hot:

Here’s another guy who doesn’t have “fuck you money”:

But here’s a guy that would consider a five spot and half a tank of gas sufficient “fuck you money”:

“Fuck you money” isn’t about money. Imagine this guy:

Trying to hassle this guy at his job:


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2 Responses to Fuck You Money Versus Fuck This Money: Visual Aids

  1. spindlitis says:

    It’s an attitude, not the amount of money you have. I used to pick apples. I worked with a family that had been fruit tramps their entire lives. The father of the family told a story about working in this one orchard where the farmer was giving them grief over how they picked the trees. He told the farmer, “I can get abused like this anywhere” and went down the road to another orchard, where he was hired. If Dagwood had a side business, he wouldn’t need to take that shit.

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      All men should have a side hustle. Dagwood’s got his shit together though. He’s happy, his dog likes him, and Blondie’s super hot!

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