The Curmudgeon Gets The Gift of the Magi: Part 2

I was a child once; though I can’t quite remember it. I was also a teenager, which I recall slightly better but it’s still fuzzy. Hell, I can barely remember Tuesday.

The one thing I’m absolutely clear on is that being a teenager sucked. You’ve got the mind of an adult but the wisdom of a child. All this in a brain that runs a 24/7 emotional rollercoaster between beatific and a darkness that would scare Stalin. It’s a tough time and every kid everywhere has my sympathy.

There’s only one thing that sucks more than being a teenager and that’s having a teenager in the house. I love my kids, but I swear they’re going to kill me. Even so, sometimes you see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that they’re going to be OK. You, the dumbass trying to raise them, haven’t fucked up too bad and they’re going to be the excellent adults you always knew they could be.

Oh wait… I forgot the part about the giant floating space baby…

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One Response to The Curmudgeon Gets The Gift of the Magi: Part 2

  1. Mark Matis says:

    So you say you have prescribed cold showers for your teenager(s)? And Mommy is sneaking saltpeter into their food? Or are there merely no teenagers around of the opposite sex? And you home school so they haven’t been indoctrinated into faggotry?

    You don’t have to REALLY worry until they cover the walls of their room(s) with posters of Bruce Jenner…

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