For Rae And I’ll Let Rick & Morty Do The Talking

Rae asked for more homesteading and fewer squirrels.  I responded with an explanation of how the sausage is made and had good intentions of writing a genuine homesteading post. Then (for unrelated reasons) crawled into a bottle of El Jimador (tequila, because sometimes you gotta’ flush the system). A non-squirrel story will come out in three parts later this week. Rae, it’s not a true homesteading story because it has politics and Wisconsinites instead of chickens and chainsaws, but it’s totally true and I promise there are no talking animals.

Meanwhile I left the squirrels in the midst of a battle that started with history’s first interspecies turbo wedgie, continued through friendly fire, and had gone off the rails with Batman. Obviously there’s more and I’ll type it when the keyboard stops shaking. Lucky for me Rick And Morty had a squirrel blurb (I discovered it this weekend). I’ll post the video for the squirrel fans today (I love me some Rick and Morty) and then return to the scene of the convenience store (hopefully) within the week:

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8 Responses to For Rae And I’ll Let Rick & Morty Do The Talking

  1. Phssthpok says:

    at 0:58..that little Grey bastard should burst into flames all ‘splody-like when he bridged the two power lines.

    Just sayin’

  2. Phil B says:

    Good job I’m in New Zealand where there are no squirrels.


    I’m off to buy .22 and 12 gauge ammo and stuff …. can’t be too careful.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    And he said:

    Let there be homesteading squirrels!

    and there were. And he saw that it was good…

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