Google Memes

I’m a sucker for a good visual joke:

The one above gets a hat tip to Moonbattery. The rest are just sorta’ floating randomly (if you have a source please tell me and I’ll attribute it).

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6 Responses to Google Memes

  1. imnohbody says:

    Regarding the park bench, at least, that’s a real thing and not just a photoshop. It’s the work of conservative street artist Sabo, who for future article fodder just got nuked off of Facebook for posters saying “f*ck Zuck 2020” (as in FB head Mark Zuckerberg), calling it “hate speech”.

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      Ha ha ha… so Facebook proved the same thing Google did. You gotta’ like that level of consistency.

      I’ve often wondered if someone will someday notice my silly little squirrel story and send me back to the telegraph. I hope not but am prepared if it happens. (It’s partly for that reason I started to host my own site and stopped using the WordPress service.)

  2. richardcraver says:

    I like Gmail’s spam filtering, Google search is my clear choice for relevant content, YouTube has the market in content, I love the Android platform; but sometimes think I need to just walk away from it all. But where do I go? Manage my own spam filters like before? Uggg! Bing? I’d rather be stabbed with a blunt stick. Vevo? Nope. Apple? It would be a rather brisk day in hell.
    As they say “If you are not paying for it, you are the product.”

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      True privacy is nearly impossible but you easily can get some level of anonymity. I try to stay “unplugged” a little bit all the time and it becomes an easy habit. There’s nothing wrong with “walking away from” some of it even if you’re too lazy to go whole hog right?

      I am loyal to no-company (though I like my Honda and Stihl) and endeavor to at least keep the snoops chasing my “business” instead of assuming it. I use Linux whenever Win has annoyed me too much. I like Android on my Kindle but hate it on my phone… which is a pay as you go phone anyway. The Kindle snoops on my reading but I like the convenience and tolerate it… for now. If they piss me off and I’ll be back to dead tree in a heartbeat. I currently use DuckDuckGo on Chrome. Brave is more private but Chrome hasn’t pissed me off lately so I’m still defaulting to Chrome. Bing is almost as pathetic as Clippy and I can’t believe it still exists. (Actually I can’t believe it ever existed. Much like Google+ which was a trainwreck.)

      The big privacy wins are with stand alone gadgets. I use a GPS instead of a phone when I’m navigating. I use a camera instead of a phone when I take photos. And I LOVE my Dana! None of them snoop.

      • richardcraver says:

        I’ve been a Linux desktop user since around 1999, I like the open source philosophy, that’s about as close to socialism/communism as I go, but it is purely opt-in on the part of developers. Ergo my affinity for Android and shunning of Apple and Microsoft. I stuck with Firefox much longer than I wanted because the lack of extensions for Chrome mobile. Mobile is what put me all in on the Google ecosystem, once I could sync settings, Cloud Print, location share with my directionally challenged wife (H-I’m lost! M-Where are you? H-I said I’m lost! M-I mean what road are you on? H-i I don’t know, I’m across from McDonald’s. M-Give me a minute for your location to update.)
        Still as a corporate entity, I’m less than impressed with them.

      • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

        I’m kinda’ lukewarm on Linux. Sometimes I love it but then sometimes they’ll tweak the GUI and I’ll go back to Win. Everything I have is dual boot. I have a iThing but no matter how much the faithful extol its virtues it never seems to be anything more than a toy. Win10 has gradually impressed me… once I turned off half its features.

        One thing that has exceeded expectations was a $30 Dana. Does only one thing but does it well. Don’t use it a lot but smile every time I turn it on.

        Google’s cloud has pros and cons. I use it with some reserve. Same for Dropbox which is pretty OK.

        Oddly, I spend plenty of time trying to get the snoops off my back and may buy my own private snoop. I’m considering, for safety’s sake, buying a Spot Gen3 PLB. There’s something ironic that I bitch about the NSA tracking my cell phone but might want a PLB that does the same thing. Life is like that.

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