Amos Moses

One of my multitudinous five readers commented on Lets Hunt Dinosaurs with lyrics so  perfectly matched to the topic that I had to add a follow up video.  It’s my first embedded video link and a departure of my unwritten Curmudgeonly policy of being too lazy to refraining from embedded videos.  Luckily I’m an Adaptive Curmudgeon so I can happily suspend arbitrary informal rules for the very important reason that Jerry Reed is cool and I’m a sucker for black and white video. (Younger readers may wish to consult Wikipedia on this Stone Aged Technology they’ve never witnessed.  If the idea is too shocking just unplug the iPod and lay down until the feeling goes away.)

Here’s to you…swamp prowling rednecks chasing giant carnivorous lizards.  We truly are a blessed nation to have you!

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