There Is Intelligence On The Internet

Not here of course. I’m referring to a blogger who produces actual insightful commentary. Once you’ve discovered I’m full of shit you’re encouraged to check out actual wit at Captain Capitalism.

A word about how I found his blog. Several years ago I left “The City Constructed Entirely Of Debt” because I had the socially unacceptable idea that the real estate market and economy was about to tank. I was roundly considered a moron. (Not an uncommon event in my life.)

After arriving in my new homestead in Siberia I gleefully discovered Captain Capitalism. He had many of the same unconventional ideas. Of course we’ve since learned to live on Obamabucks in Rainbowland where the DOW just broke 14,000. Whoops, I mean to say the real estate market and economy went belly up. Or more succinctly; “he was right”. So was I but I scare people.

Thus you should check his blog out. I’m putting it on my blogroll. Happy reading.

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