Squirrel Teasers

[To “throw your hat over the wall” is a mental commitment to do something. By posting this I hope to get my ass motivated. But not yet. All things in due time.]

My contribution to modern literature, Attack of the Lesbian Squirrels, wound up on the back burner. (The only squirrels I’ve encountered lately were served on Thanksgiving when Mrs. Curmudgeon made awesome squirrel rolls.) It’s been months. Too long! Time flies when you’re gettin’ your ass kicked.

I don’t know now many people like the story but I have a few Patreons and an occasional donation and comments seem positive so I’ll call that good enough. I value “squirrel fans” immensely and don’t want them to feel let down. Plus writing is fun. A break in posting is not the end of the saga. More will ensue.

In the spirit of “throwing your hat over the wall” I promise one or more of the following in the next few installments:

  • The Gatling gun with the laser sight will be fired.
  • Batman will stab someone.
  • Bert will scratch his balls disinterestedly.
  • Boo will find a job.

I have a complete story arc in my head. Whether it’ll wind up posted in the same form I imagine is an open question; but the plot has a plan. Just to pique your interest I’m going to add two more bullet points. These won’t happen right away but before the end.

  • Murder trout.
  • Nerd sex.

OK. That’s the season teaser. Wish me luck getting it written down.

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5 Responses to Squirrel Teasers

  1. Phil B says:

    Boo will find a job? Now you are venturing into the realms of fantasy and unbelievable plot lines … TRY to keep it real, will you?

  2. src says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Nerd sex and trout murder!!! At the same time????

  3. Elric says:

    This sounds interesting, can’t wait!

    Merry Christmas!

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