Curmudgeon Has Some Happy Karma

My last post gave a vague outline of a couple months of going to hell in a handbasket. I worried it would sound lame but my goal was an optimistic “good luck y’all” to everyone else who’s currently going through the wringer. (I know they’re out there). Sounds like I did ok. Whew!

Part of the mix was the fact that I’ve done limited posting and jack shit related to “monetizing”. That was an intentional decision. Ever hear the phrase “don’t quit your day job”? I didn’t. I “monetize” my writing just enough to keep my blog’s lights on and (I selfishly admit) to keep me motivated to write fiction. A few donations here or there and a Patreon tip or two and I’m suddenly fired up to write the great American novel. (Or in my case, irreverent satire that makes the PC squares jumpy.)

Since I my blog was on the back burner I didn’t expect many Amazon sales… and that’s OK. I hadn’t even checked for a month. Now that I’m slowly surfacing after a scheduling tsunami I had time to check. Despite limited posting and not a single fictional squirrel attack, some folks bought some stuff from my Amazon link`s anyway. How awesome is that? I’m super thankful for that!

Unlike most on-line entities, I don’t track jack. I don’t know if the purchases were from one one person, or many people. Folks who shopped through my affiliate links could be anyone from the Lead Choreographer of the East Greenwich Latina Polka Dance Team, to a homesteader in Alaska, to a housewife in Newark, to white collar squirrels laundering money. But I’m assuming it’s people who like my blog. Thanks folks! Especially, if you’re the dude(s) who bought the Kindles*, you rock!

I didn’t make enough to retire in Tahiti, but I did make enough to buy another bottle of bourbon… which is important because I’m running low. It’s a Christmas miracle!



*Resistance is futile

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