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I read The Ultimate Answer To Kings pretty regularly. There’s a link on the right side of this page and it wouldn’t be there if I didn’t. He just posted that “TUAK now has a Patreon account”. My audience isn’t huge but I thought I’d link and send whatever traffic I can. If you’re of a mind, sally forth and drop a few bucks on his site. I did. Since I already went through the signup rigmarole long ago, it was a few  painless clicks to send a ha’penny his way monthly. It’ll probably be just as easy for you.

Of course, you can always drop bucks on my Patreon. That would be super awesome and so forth. There’s room in the world for both kinds of blogs; a fellow in the desert who calls his cabin a “lair” and a guy in the frozen north who calls his homestead a “compound”. Why does this remind me of the Blues Brothers; “we got both kinds of music, country and western“?

No pressure though. I’m pretty sure both Joel and I will keep writing regardless. Speaking for myself, Patreon is just an option for readers and not a deadly serious capitalist endeavor.

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