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[I’ve waded back into politics. Bear with me because it’s only temporary. I’m inspired by the idea of freedom getting out in the sun again. You may be wondering; “how can AC, who at least tries to sound rational, enjoy the idea of a freak like Kid Rock”? All I can say is bawitdaba!]

Kid Rock may run for office? It could be a spoof, it could be a marketing ploy, it could be a nothingburger, or… it could be the real deal. If it’s real I’ve got one thing to say: Outstanding!

He would seriously stir the pot. Like dropping a grenade in the bucket of thin gruel they’ve been calling sustenance. And why the hell not? I’m all for it. The post election tsunami of butthurt tells me the job ‘aint done yet! So lets do this thing! Shake shit up until the snowflakes either make peace with life on earth or shatter into component molecules!

TownHall sums it up best:

“The news that Southern-fried rock/rapper Kid Rock will be running for some timeserving Dem hack’s Senate seat in Michigan should make every normal American smile and spill a 40 to his homies. The future Senator Rock deserves your eager support for two critical reasons: First, it will drive the liberals insane. Second, it will make George Will and the rest of Team Fredocon soil themselves.”

Make George Will shit his pants? Where do I sign up? (I once liked reading George Will. That was decades ago. He’s stuck now. Glorious wordsmithing and shiny metaphors can’t change the fact that he’s run out of either ideas or spirit. Will has become irrelevant; much like the newspapers that were his habitat.)

The elites made this powder keg. They pissed off us deplorables so completely that anything that makes ’em weep on their arugula gets a nod and a smile. Also, it’s nice to see someone who’s unabashedly patriotic. America is awesome… so let’s act like it! Would it kill politicians to like freedom? As far as I can tell, yes. So we turn from their sticky malignant embrace to Kid Rock. And if there’s going to be a shitstorm it’s better if it’s mostly audio.

A USO tour for the troops? It’s enough to make New York Times editors sneer in their soy latte.

Listen to Kid Rock in the video. Born Free! He rides a Harley without a helmet! (Which is probably safer than sex with Pamela Anderson.) He performs a whole song without bitching about climate, recycling, diversity, or entitlement funding. (Lets see hacks like Bruce Springsteen spend five minutes on stage without whining. In the past they could do it. Can they now?)

Kid Rock acts like a man who loves his country. I’d like to see more of that. It’s said that in real life he does nice things, tours with the USO, and his charity (unlike some others) actual does charity. We could do (and have repeatedly done) worse.

Western Rifle Shooters daydreams of Kid Rock paired with Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in 2024. Be still my beating heart! (I endorsed Rob Anybody and Camacho for 2016… but Trump chased them both into a corner and beat them to death with a stick. What can I say? Thunderdome works but you don’t get to pick who’ll emerge from it.)

What the hell, since Kid Rock is in Michigan… add Ted Nugent to the  mix! Another noisy, freedom loving, rural, screaming nutcase. Why not? I hereby endorse Kid Rock/Ted Nugent ticket for President of Awesome in 2024. Did I just hear George Will’s tie start spinning? Did it fly off his starched shirt, glance off John McCain, and scatter Congress like cockroaches? That’s what I want. The squares had their chance. They blew it. Fuck ’em.

An insult to to the dignity of office? Hogwash! In 2016 Madonna was offering blowjobs for Hillary votes. In 2012 Mitt Romney and Barack Obama debated whether it’s better to put a dog on the car’s roof or serve it on a plate. If the next president is chosen by who can sing the loudest anthem to freedom while chugging a 40 of malt liquor on the hood of a Chevy… so be it!

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Be careful dismissing unthinkable candidates.

Entertainers are inexperienced in politics? You mean like these guys who won elections?

It’s undignified for a performer to become a Senator.

A redneck cowboy will never have national appeal.

It’s beneath the dignity of the office to elect an actor with a background in body shaming.

Nobody ever votes third party.

Dignity is not the correct word for “evil party bullies the stupid party”. Nor is dignity meant to be code for “there can be no unauthorized opinions”. Now seems a ripe time for any candidate who acts free and likes America.

Update: Looks like Cold Fury is happy with the idea too.

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4 Responses to Kid Rock

  1. Phssthpok says:

    I’ll see your Nugent/Rock 2024 ticket, and raise you…

    Joe Arpiao appointed by Doug Ducey to replace McCain as senator!

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      I think I heard George Will’s scream coming from the horizon.

      • Mark Matis says:

        I’ll raise you even further:
        Judge Roy Moore elected to replace Senator Sessions. Post Turtle and the rest of the Koch-sucking Rove Republicans have put their money on Luther Strange. Gee, with that endorsement, I wonder how “Senator Strange” would vote in office?

  2. Add Jenner to the mix and we can tell the lefties, “Look! We also have a crazy as shit trio!” We are so multicultural it’s running out of our ears like shit from texas hot chili eating contest.

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