I Went Online For Just One Minute

I’ve been offline most of the last few weeks. As always, it’s a fine thing to come up for air. (I make a point of putting the cyber-world back in its gimp box from time to time. It’s a wise practice that I recommend to everyone.)

It’s been fun, just traveling about, seeing things, etc… I’ve had limited internet access, very little TV, audio books (instead of execrable NPR) on the truck’s radio, I even had the cell phone off. In that time I’ve been in eight states and a fair chunk of Canada (happy Canada Day but Tim Horton’s sucks).

In reality, the place where the sky is blue, gravity rules, and posting a link on Facebook means jack shit to anyone… things look pretty reasonable. Folks seem about as happy as ever. Power’s on, lawns are mowed, weddings are scheduled, kids graduate, beer is brewed; civilization endures and for that I’m happy.

I’d just about come to the conclusion that people were largely sane. Then I logged in.

It was like this:
Holy psychoburgers! It’s July. Nine months. They’re still nuts?!?

I’m losing track of which new horrible nefarious evil scheme is the current assault on Occam’s Razor and the “real” reason why Hillary isn’t on her throne. Folks who witnessed 8 years of Bush Jr. and 8 years of Obama somehow think our current President is somehow uniquely stupid? And so what? We’ve had idiots before. We’ll have idiots again. Maybe it’s idiots all the way down. None of this is going to get your lawn mowed or feed the cat… sooner or later everyone must get back to living.

Suppose, as certain media suggests, unicorn magic makes our duly elected Goober Du Jour vanish, then what? Pence? Would that make everything perfect? We’d all sing Kumbaya and have a group hug? ‘Cause I’m not seeing it.

If only I could help; extend a hand in friendship: “Hi, I’m one of the deplorables and I’m here to help you cope with your loss. We deplorables know what it’s like to lose. We’ve been there ourselves and it sucks. Here’s a six pack of beer and a fishing pole. Put down Facebook, crack a brew, and catch a bass. Trust us… it’s going to be OK.”

I don’t get how anyone over maybe 20 (on both sides) can’t adapt. Who hasn’t been disappointed by an election? Who gets what they want every election? How can that be a reasonable expectation?

Fuck it… I’ll maintain my blog and that’s about it. No wonder I write about squirrels!


Hat tip to PVPOnline for illustrating things perfectly. (Also here’s another one.)

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4 Responses to I Went Online For Just One Minute

  1. richardcraver says:

    The internet and social has become just one big shouting match, too much like a Jerry Springer or Sienfeld episode.

  2. richardcraver says:

    I think I’ll go look at cat videos or People Of Walmart.

  3. Robert says:

    Oh, man! The first link to PvP was about putting down his dog. Dammit! The 4th of July should not involve crying over innocent animals. Guess I’ll go look at the second one now that I can see…

    • AdaptiveCurmudgeon says:

      Oh man, I just read it too. There’s dust in the air or something. Very sad.

      Take heart though, it usually has trolls and elves and nerds.

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