Homestead Update: Part 1

“You are a chicken!”

Mrs. Curmudgeon was standing on the lawn yelling at a cowering creature.

“You’re a chicken understand? Just accept that you’re a chicken.”

She wasn’t getting her point across. The creature looked confused.

“All your friends are dead. But not her. See her?” Mrs. Curmudgeon waved toward ‘fluffy the chicken’, one of our better free range chickens. “She knows the score.”

She wagged a finger accusingly.

“Be like Fluffy. It’s for you own good. Be a chicken.”

The creature looked up at Mrs. Curmudgeon…


Eventually the duck figured everything out. Later I caught on. I’ll explain next post.

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  1. Mark Matis says:

    Last time on AC Soaps-a-lot, Junior had conned his ancestor out of ~$22 and was sleeping it off.

    Lurch the cat was still leaning left and insisting on food service of fresh meat.

    But now a new character has arrived on the set.

    See what happens next in our latest thrilling adventure…

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