In Case You Were Wondering

…it is incredibly easy to make a total mess out of your driveway with a tractor mounted front end loader. I was doing other things (TM) when I noticed a mud puddle that was just asking for a beatdown. As with all things homesteading, things went awry; especially because I was in a hurry. “I’m just gonna’ smooth it a bit” turned into “Fuck this, I’m shutting down the tractor and calling it done.” This weekend I’ll hitch up the back blade and undo what I have wrought.

In the meantime Curmudgeon Compound has a speedbump. I’m not sure if Mrs. Curmudgeon’s car is going to bottom out when she gets home but I intend to make some excuse like “it’s part of the settling process” and hope for the best.

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  1. abnormalist says:

    Open beer

    Drain beer down throat

    Repeat as needed

  2. Robert says:

    Ha! I had the county try to do me a favor by moving some snow in our 0.3 mile long drive. They had to get a dump truck to unstick the end loader that was trying to unstick the road grader… Fun times. OT, but I wanted to share. Good luck selling the “settling” lie, er, explanation. Hang in there, AC; winter is coming and your little low spot will be forgotten. Until spring.

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