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This is exactly what cable news sounds like to me:

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  1. bluesun says:

    I love how they got the news anchor to look like Anderson Cooper. That way you know it’s legit.

  2. This is much more useful than most cable news sources.

  3. driversuz says:

    Oh my, yes! Linking!

  4. KA9VSZ says:

    Yup. Which is why I avoid TV news and get MY news from our local paper which, being in Madison, WI, is the birthplace of the Onion. Wait, what? Oh. That explains why no one talking to me about current events makes any sense.

  5. Morris says:

    Damn, I love it – funny because it’s true.

  6. Eric Wilner says:

    And I like the short list for “preventing conflicts with bears” – especially the last entry, “Notify local police of any and all animal sightings.” Sounds exactly like typical boilerplate “if you see something, say something” advice… and… “Hello, police? I just saw a squirrel!”

  7. Which is why I don’t watch cable news.

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