It Is June

…and that means I get to uncover a new page on my Stihl pinup calendar.  I realize a woman in lingerie holding a weed whacker makes no sense.  I don’t care.  Some things, like sunsets and my Stihl calendar, are best enjoyed for their beauty without looking for depth or meaning.

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  1. KA9VSZ says:

    Pictures, man, pictures!

    • Get yer’ own calendar. This one is mine!

      • KA9VSZ says:

        I maintained equipment at John Deere in Moline and Dubuque and recently wielded a Stihl. Yet, I have no calenders of scantily-clad equipment being held by well-engineered vixens. I must be doing something wrong. BTW, a weed whacker and lingerie makes perfect sense with the proper kinky attitude.

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