2012 Cassandra Report: Followup #1

From 2012 Cassandra Report I: Predictions 1 – 12

  1. Newt Gingrich will never, under any circumstances up to and including the zombie apocalypse, become president. There, I’ve said it. We can all quit pretending. Newt could cure cancer on live TV and still lose. If I am wrong you may ridicule me in the future.

USA TODAY interview: Gingrich ready to support Romney

Was all that really necessary? Did anyone not named Newt really buy it?

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  1. Fandamntastic says:

    Damn, dude, spiking the football (to use the current parlance). I am not ashamed to say I voted for Newt in the SC primary. Mostly as a great big “fuck you” to the Yankee Rebublicans. He did get a little erratic there though in the final days.

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