The Null Post

The Internet is apparently down (or running at 300 baud) for an oil change and radiator flush. Either that or the entire grid has collapsed and taken western civilization with it. If it’s the latter I’m not going to sweat it until after the coffee pot is empty.

How to know which has happened? I suppose I could flip on the radio but most of the FM band in my area is NPR. Since they never stop hyperventilating, the results would be inconclusive.

Hmmm… maybe I’ll post through back channels and see if it ever comes up normally. (Thus proving the Internet monkeys get their end running at its usual speeds.)

In the meantime it might be a good time to brew more coffee. If it’s the end of the world I’m going to need a second pot.

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  1. Joe in PNG says:

    Of course, NPR being NPR, it’s kind of a calm, mild hyperventalation, with a classic jazz background.

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