I Can’t Wait For The Future

The future is gonna’ be awesome!  Predictions for the year 2111 in The Astonishing World Of The Future describe amazing advances in technology.  Some quotes to whet your appetite:

Facilities for the preparation of food will be available in every home. Instead of purchasing standardized meals in frozen form or in paper bags from fast-food outlets, families will be able to produce for themselves nearly any kind of meal they desire, according to their own taste and requirements.”

Wow!  And there’s more:

Large openings covered with glass in the walls of office buildings will virtually eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day, as it will be possible to harness the light of the sun itself for most everyday tasks. A clever mechanical arrangement will make it possible to raise the glass panels, allowing natural air circulation that will greatly reduce the need for artificial climate control.”

You should click over and read the whole thing.  I can’t wait for the future.

Hat tip to Roberta X.

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