Ailing Tractor VII

People ask me why it takes me so darned long to fix a tractor…

…and I tell them it’s because January is so darned cold.

Behold the future! Carbon neutral, decentralized production of locally sourced solid fuel.

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  1. aczarnowski says:

    That’s a nice stack of heat right there.

  2. That’s a nice load of renewable resource fuel right there – looks like you’ll be toasty and warm this winter, even if the global warming falls fast and thick, or ice takes out the power lines!

  3. MaxDamage says:

    Consider trading some skills/labor with a welder (or do it yourself), about 4′ worth of 16″ I-beam and a 3′ hydraulic cylinder from a combine head, welded up so the I-beam has the wedge and the cylinder has the ram and the whole thing fits on the 3-point hitch, makes the easiest log splitter ever known to mankind. It won’t keep you warm in the winter like the axe will, but you can fill a garage stall with split wood in a bit over an hour.

    Out of curiousity, what wood stove did you go with?

    • I have a Harman. It’s a largish stove with non-catalytic reburn. With the optional blower and good wood it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    • Splitting wood by hand isn’t wise unless you don’t consume much wood (i.e. you live far south) or you’ve got tremendous amounts of spare time (which I don’t) or you’re as strong (and dumb) as a gorilla.

      I bought a commercially made wood splitter. It wasn’t cheap but it made a big difference in my quality of life.

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