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Yesterday Borepatch and Plumbum et Circenses kicked over some cyber-rocks and found my post Are We Not Men buried underneath a pile of disinterest.  Soon my little corner of the Internet was awash in viewers!  Thanks!  Both are now on my blogroll…which is like being famous in a town that has twenty residents.  I encourage my readers to click over to both of them.

I missed all the excitement.  My computer was off and I was out doing homestead chores in the snow.  (Yeah, my life is that glamorous!)

Since my hit count soared while I ignored my blog I’ve decided the thing that keeps my blog obscure is me. Too bad!  I’m posting anyway.  Stay tuned for a series of posts about something you’ve never cared about but which matter deeply up here in Siberia…furnaces.  (Yeah, I’m that great at marketing.)

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