I Want To Buy This Liquor Immediately!

A liquor commercial featuring a man in a top hat and an exploding alligator.  I can dig it.

A follow up commercial that tells the PETA crowd to fuck off?  That turns the awesome dial to eleven.

Extra points for the memorable yet inexplicable phrase “gone off like a frog in a sock“.

Hat tip to Skippy’s List.  Note: Photo links to Bundaberg…go there and reward their creativity by spending your rent money.

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  1. Sean Casey says:

    I was giddy with pleasure when a friend sent me these ads! Alas, not available in the U.S.!

  2. Awelowynt says:

    I just now bought a few of their varieties after seeing this. The shipping is rather steep to get it from the UK, but a few other bottles of sctoch made the price worthwhile.

    I can’t wait to try it when it arrives in a week.

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