Warning…Man With No Clue Running Adaptive.Curmudgeon’s IT Department

I’ve been using wordpress.com because I’m a cheap, unmotivated, lazy bastard.  Unfortunately my posts are living somewhere in cyberspace (possibly somewhere near Jimmi Hoffa’s storage site) and I have the kind of slow connection that makes geeks all over the planet weep in despair.  Sometimes I just plain disappear from the “net” for a while.

I’m used to it (actually I like it) but I’ve decided to fiddle with setting to try and back it up before the NSA blackballs my blog and deletes it.  As usual I haven’t a clue how anything works.  (Which has never stopped me before.)

If the blog goes down for a while be patient…I’m sure I’ll figure it out as soon as I get the smoke to stop coming out of my wifi hub.

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